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Research and Guide Services:

I highly recommend Tomasz Jankowski who is a Polish academic based in Lviv, Ukraine.  Tomasz is fluent in several languages including Polish, Ukrainian, English, and Hebrew.


  • "Sefer Horodenka" (English translation now available)

  • Horodenka Survivor Memoir: "Someone Must Survive to Tell the World" by Tosia Szechter Schneider

  • Obertyn Survivor Memoir: "The Strange Ways of Providence in My Life" by Krystyna Carmi

  • Gwozdziec Synagogue: "Resplendent Synagogue" by Thomas Hubka

  • "Ordinary Men" by Christopher Browning

  • "Black Earth" and "Bloodlands" by Timothy Snyder

  • "Erased" by Omer Bartov

  • "Holocaust by Bullets" by Patrick Desbois

  • "Fear" by Jan T. Gross

  • "The Lost" by Daniel Mendelsohn

Hotels in Ukraine:

  • Kolomyja: Hotel Pysanka (available via

  • Horodenka: Hotel Deluxe (available via

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